Currently, only 3.3% of transport is powered by renewable sources. How can the transport and energy sectors coordinate more effectively to reduce emissions and protect the climate?

Jennifer Okaima Piette, Clotilde Rossi di Schio |

While China's vehicle fleet is growing rapidly, there is hope that the rise of electric mobility might help limit the environmental impact. But will that be enough?

Jung Eun “Jen” Oh |

Many communities across Africa still lack access to an all-weather road. A recent World Bank study shows drones can help fill the gap and deliver essential goods or services to isolated…

Aiga Stokenberga, María Catalina Ochoa |

Changing the way we move can help address many of today's most pressing challenges, from climate to disaster resilience and social inclusion. So, how do we get there?

Nancy Vandycke |

Road infrastructure is vulnerable to geohazards. Imagine you’re driving on a single lane rural road in Himalayas where you have a steep hill on your left and deep cliff on your right. It’s raining…

Akiko Toya, Masatsugu Takamatsu |

Women are at the forefront of the COVID-19 response - as community and government leaders, frontline workers, and scientists – they are managing an unprecedented global crisis.

Maitreyi Bordia Das, Victoria Stanley |

The transport sector often ignores the needs and voices of women, with significant consequences on socioeconomic development. A new online course by the World Bank and UN Women seeks to turn the…

Nato Kurshitashvili, Karla Gonzalez Carvajal, Clemencia Muñoz Tamayo |

From public transit quality to land use patterns, there are many factors that may impact people's ability to access essential services like healthcare or education. A new World Bank study…

Aiga Stokenberga, Karla Dominguez Gonzalez |

Following a devastating earthquake in 2018, the World Bank is working closely with Indonesia to rebuild damaged roads and bridges, and to put disaster resilience at the heart of future…

Elena Y. Chesheva, Tomás Herrero Diez, María José Sala Pelufo, Jian Vun |