Saudi Arabia's experience with the COVID-19 pandemic shows that it takes time to build the right enabling environment. Discover Saudi Arabia's digital government services, Seha Virtual…

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Building digital public infrastructure, harmonizing legal and regulatory frameworks, and investing in regional financing for digital infrastructure can help unlock Africa's digital potential…

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Digital public infrastructure can enable essential society-wide functions and services such as identification, payments, and data exchange.

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The World Bank and its ID4D Initiative are providing tailored support to strengthen the accessibility, design, and governance of identification and civil registration in 57 countries.

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Türkiye provides a great example of how a modern ecosystem for social assistance payment delivery is essential to building back better and creating a resilient society.   

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The restricted economic activity during the COVID-19 crisis created the need to support vast numbers of people, including urban informal populations, who generally were not receiving any existing…

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The World Bank Group’s Identification for Development (ID4D) Initiative, a program that helps countries realize the transformational potential of digital identification, launched the Mission…

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The Philippines provides a great example of a government addressing digital ecosystem gaps – strengthening the foundational ID, digital data governance, and digital payments systems.

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ID systems can be an important tool for sustainable development by providing legal identity for all.

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Getting a driving license (DL) in Kenya these days is like a walk in the park. After booking a driving test online and passing the test at one of the driving test centers across the country, the…

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