Mobile phones generate a staggering amount of data, allowing researchers to address previously unanswerable questions, and answer existing questions with new depth and granularity. How are…

Maria Jones, Anya Marchenko |

Performance based financing (PBF) links funds or payments to service providers to results achieved and gives them considerable autonomy in using these funds.

Srinivas Gurazada, Moritz Piatti, Thomas Poulsen |

As Vietnam’s economic success in the last decades has improved lives for most, the challenge of including ethnic minority populations from remote and mountainous areas in the benefits of growth…

Giorgia DeMarchi, Susan Shen |

What will it take to help women entrepreneurs reach their full potential in Uganda, where women own one in three of all businesses yet tend to run businesses that are smaller and operate in less…

Amy Copley, Cansu Birce Gokalp, Daniel Kirkwood, Sreelakshmi Papineni, Margarita Puerto |

In recent years, governments in the Sahel have offered integrated productive inclusion interventions to support extreme poor households’ economic activities and encourage diversification.

Thomas Bossuroy, Patrick Premand |

The management of State-Owned Enterprise (SOEs) performance may be one of the most important factors for some economies coming out of the COVID-19 crisis.

Jim Brumby, Nilgün Gökgür |

Productivity-enhancing technologies are vital to raising national income and reducing poverty. However, some new technologies are labor-saving and reduce the need for workers in some production…

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Mobile government (mGov) offers developing countries several benefits for their citizens including financial inclusion, wider access to services and improved government social accountability.

Khuram Farooq, Peter Kustor |

The massive macro-financial shock caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has precipitated an unprecedented global recession and put the financial sector under strain.

Erik Feyen, Tatiana Alonso Gispert, Tatsiana Kliatskova, Davide S. Mare |

Depending on the spread or containment of COVID-19, the pace of vaccine dissemination over the next two years, and the level of global financial stress, three alternative outcomes to the baseline…

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