With the objective of supporting the Dominican Republic’s communication strategies, the World Bank brought together housing authorities from Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Argentina to share their…

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To ensure that opportunities reach all corners of a country and all citizens within its borders, a Territorial Development approach is necessary when designing public policy

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In times of pandemic, Indigenous Peoples must be urgently included in regional reconstruction

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Successful cable car projects in Latin America are a vital reference for proper management and implementation of this infrastructure in the region and the world

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Have you ever invited representatives from different sectors to imagine their dream city? There is an urban planning exercise that is just for that, and it is showcased by the experience of the…

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Haiti is one of the most deforested countries in the world, and hazards such as heavy rains devastate crops and livelihoods with a more challenging, longer road to recovery.

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When a disaster occurs, governments grapple with many questions: How bad is the damage? What are the priorities for response and recovery? What are the impacts on housing and infrastructure? And…

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(Este blog también está disponible en Inglés)     Hay recuperación después de crisis financiera mundial pero seguirán habiendo riesgos Acabamos de publicar las últimas perspectivas para los flujos…

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The buzz is building in Istanbul, our beautiful host city,  as delegates, press and CSOs from around the world begin pouring in for the 2009 joint Annual Meetings of the World Bank and IMF. The…

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