The World Bank Board just approved the recommendation to set up the IDA Crisis Facility, which will scale up support for the world’s poorest countries. It will help address worsening development…

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COVID-19 has been a global catastrophe killing millions, damaging economies, and impairing human development. Yet, the pandemic has also been a catalyst for much needed health system reform,…

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Providing high-quality storybooks along with a network of reading supports effectively improved reading outcomes, including proficiency, frequency, and attitudes. Both caregivers and children…

Michael Crawford, David Rutkowski, Leslie Rutkowski |

Though many trials on the effectiveness of financial incentives are encouraging, they may not generalize in novel contexts.

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While the pandemic has caused widespread disruptions in people’s lives across the board, it appears to have had a disproportionate impact on the economic and mental well-being of sexual and gender…

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A full recovery from the pandemic will require not just a revenue restart, but increased revenues to address learning losses and meet development objectives.

Pierre Bachas, Ruth Hill, Mariano Ernesto Sosa, Matthew Wai-Poi |

Imports were more negatively affected by lockdown policies than were exports, which, unlike imports, recovered during the sample period.

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In the absence of remedial measures, learning losses are likely to significantly reduce intergenerational mobility in a wide range of countries.

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When Zambia reported its first case of COVID-19 on March 18, 2020, it was not surprising that tuberculosis (TB) services were rapidly affected. Infectious disease management in general suffers…

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What we’re reading about the social externalities from jobs

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