At the start of this year, most universities in Bangladesh lacked basic learning management systems and digital infrastructure. Now the country has risen to the challenge making all teaching and…

Mokhlesur Rahman, Mustahsin-ul-Aziz , Shazia Omar Ahmed |

The calm before the storm? The impact of COVID-19 on cooperative financial institutions

Juan Buchenau, Carlos E. Cuevas |

According to the World Bank’s latest economic update titled “What will be the new normal for Vietnam: the economic impact of COVID-19,” Vietnam is nonetheless in a good position to escape the…

Jacques Morisset |

China has recently achieved a remarkable improvement in its business environment as measured by the World Bank’s global Doing Business report. Over the past two years, China moved up by almost 50…

Marcin Piatkowski, Sylvia Solf, Wenting Wei |

The time to act is now, for Pakistan to take its place with the countries that have transformed within a single generation.

Illango Patchamuthu |

State-owned Enterprises and COVID-19: Policy principles on emergency state aid to SOEs, bailouts and nationalization

Christine Zhenwei Qiang, Georgiana Pop |

Part I of a two part series: Why Governments support SOEs during the COVID-19 outbreak and what are the market implications?

Christine Zhenwei Qiang, Georgiana Pop |

South Asia’s tourism industry has lost more than 10 million jobs and $52 billion in GDP to COVID-19; rebuilding it after such a staggering blow won’t be easy.

Hartwig Schafer |

Saudi women have made huge strides over the last few years with increased labor force participation rates and private sector employment. Notwithstanding these gains, the COVID-19 crisis…

Dr. Carole Chartouni, Ekaterina Pankratova |