With COVID-19, many cities have rediscovered the benefits of cycling and walking. Can we sustain the enthusiasm for non-motorized transport beyond the pandemic?

Helena Goetsch, Tatiana Peralta Quiros |

Addressing Africa’s first Sustainable Blue Economy conference in Nairobi in 2018, President Kenyatta noted that Kenya’s Blue Economy could easily contribute three times its present share of gross…

Banu Setlur |

In the face of the pandemic, walking and cycling have enjoyed renewed popularity. Could this be the beginning of a long-term transition to sustainable transport?

Arturo Ardila-Gomez |

As the region recovers from the economic downturn, it is important that governments make their recovery 'green'.

Lia Sieghart, Martin Heger |

The One Health initiative, while it may sound deceptively simple, is in fact a complex effort to bring together people, knowledge, expertise, and information to improve the ties between humans,…

Lilia Burunciuc |

A few months ago, before the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic turned the world upside down, we visited Amelia and her friends Maria and Amelia in their village of Nhamiambe in Marromeu District, in…

Amanda Jerneck, Carmen Lahoz Rallo |

Instead of boosting private car use, the pandemic should prompt cities to double down on sustainable transport investment: public transport, cycling, and walking can provide great ways of getting…

Arturo Ardila-Gomez |

Now is the time to invest in environmentally sustainable enterprises that provide better and quality jobs and contribute to Bangladesh’s economy without harming its natural resources.

Suiko Yoshijima, Nadia Sharmin, Tapas Paul |

We can prevent the next climate crisis with our response to this current crisis. One crucial lesson we should learn from the COVID-19 crisis is that prevention is by far superior than any cure can…

Martin Heger, Lia Sieghart |