Find out how the World Bank is supporting Indigenous Peoples’ land tenure security through climate finance.

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The study focused on three carefully selected CONECTA watersheds across different ecoregions in the states of Chihuahua, Jalisco, and Veracruz. The deforestation percentage in each watershed is…

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Find out how World Bank’s podcast Get REDDy is enabling Indigenous Peoples to share their experience reducing deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) with their peers around the globe.

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Indonesia’s green belt – Protecting and restoring the country’s mangroves

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There are various benefits to adopting a smart green transition strategy to ward off climate damages in South Asia. Now is an opportune time to plan ahead for a greener, more energy-independent…

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With extensive coastlines, many island nations, and low-lying territories, the East Asia and Pacific region is highly susceptible to climate-related disasters. The region has developing and…

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Find out how the World Bank is helping Poland improve air quality and energy efficiency by taking into consideration homeowners' attitudes when facing the need to invest in energy efficiently…

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ASEAN countries are using innovative methods to measure and monitor plastics leakage on land and into rivers and regional seas. Globally successful examples of market-based instruments and…

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Adopting best-practice building techniques can have a tremendous impact on global warming. Developers can make improvements in two areas.

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A vibrant Blue Economy promotes sustainable and integrated use of coastal and marine living natural resources for economic growth and improved livelihoods and jobs, all while maintaining the…

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