These types of workers were most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

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In Chile, one urgent challenge limiting an effective and coordinated government response is the lack of readily available information on cases of violence against women among public institutions…

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It’s imperative that innovative companies and start-ups focusing on women’s health and wellbeing receive the attention and financial support required to develop and scale their critical solutions…

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The converging technology revolution has the potential to build and protect human capital through improved service delivery; create jobs and innovation; and empower human capital through inclusion…

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To understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted women-led businesses, let’s start with some startling facts from a recent review of new data indicating that women in the workforce, including…

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In October 2019, JP Morgan Chase – a multinational investment bank - joined hands with the World Bank and the Indian government to facilitate the school-to-work transition for India’s youth,…

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Indonesian women struggle to find middle-class jobs partly because they lack access to the country’s labor market in the first place. Approximately only half of Indonesian working-age women…

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In Sudan, poverty continues to rise and is further fueled by widespread unemployment, particularly among women and young people. In a country characterized by its very young population.

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In an influential article published nearly three decades ago, Amartya Sen noted that over 100 million women were missing.

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Growing evidence shows that coordinated economic inclusion interventions can provide a valuable pathway out of extreme poverty.

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