Data on trade between China and the United States provide some support for the view that the paths of the world’s two largest economies are diverging.

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There’s no doubt that globalization is under growing pressure. But how it will evolve, what are the consequences for the global economy, and how low and middle-income countries should respond are…

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Energy prices eased 1.8% in October, led by coal (-12.5%) and oil (-3.4%), the World Bank's Pink Sheet reported. Non-energy prices were down by 1.6%.

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Modern digital platforms allow port stakeholders to share data and information with each other. This capability improves port logistics performance and facilitates trade. The latest edition of…

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The logistics industry is a cornerstone of the global economy, connecting companies and production centers to consumers around the world. The sector has been growing substantially over the past…

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A new knowledge brief - “A comparison of different sources of purchasing power parity (PPPs) estimates” - reviews five sources of purchasing power parity (PPP) estimates and explores how they…

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Energy prices surged 8.3% in September, led by oil (+9.1%) and coal (+6.5%), the World Bank's Pink Sheet reported. Non-energy prices gained 1.5%.

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Trade improves the lives of women. Women make up 33 percent of the workforce of manufacturing firms that export goods, compared with 24 percent in firms that don’t export. Women are also better…

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Harnessing technological change and expanding its high-skill service sector will be critical to continued economic growth in the Philippines – and perhaps will allow it to achieve its 2040…

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The emergence of GVCs has only intensified the debate about globalization and inequality. How does GVC participation contribute to wage inequality within nations?

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