The World Bank’s recently launched Oceans for Prosperity report argues that the earlier mentioned challenges could be addressed with a sustainable ocean economy, or a blue economy.

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Fertilizer prices are projected to average more than one quarter higher in 2021 than last year, before easing in 2022. Risks to the forecast include the pace of capacity expansions, geopolitical…

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Energy prices surged 7.1% in May, following increases in all components—oil (+5.5%), coal (+16.1%), and natural gas for European delivery (+24.7%), the World Bank’s Pink Sheet reported. Non-energy…

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In Malawi, where stunting is as high as 37%, and 10% of the gross domestic product is lost annually due to malnutrition, girls are becoming part of the solution.

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In the case of pandemics, billions of dollars in prevention are worth trillions of dollars for the cure. But how do we translate that simple insight into effective action that saves lives?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on smallholder farmers in Africa. In some countries, supply chain disruptions have made it hard for farmers to get seeds, fertilizers, and…

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Energy prices eased 0.5% in April, following a 1.3% drop in crude oil, the World Bank’s Pink Sheet reported. Non-energy prices gained 2.7%.

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Some call it precision agriculture, others digital agriculture or Agriculture 4.0. In the end, it’s about new digital technologies that make it possible to produce an ever-greater amount of data…

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Find out how better data can help protect the environment while increasing investment in agriculture.

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One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the health crisis has triggered an economic crisis and a protracted rise in food insecurity. Basic sustenance has become unaffordable for the world’s poorest,…

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