By the end of 2017 there appears to be on average a wide gap between leverage ratios of small banks and large banks, especially in Russia, Eastern Europe and South Caucasus.

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Are SMEs worse off as a result of Basel III capital requirements? A recent working paper featured in All About Finance suggests so.
While SME access to finance appears to decline after Basel…

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Fintech investment is pushing regulators to adapt new practices and monitor new risks. Our new post highlights three areas where substantial prudential concerns are growing.

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Agricultural households in SSA do not have enough financial tools to weather income shocks. Increasing the use of digital payments in agricultural supply chains may facilitate access to financial…

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Gender discrimination in provision of finance can prevent women from exploiting their entrepreneurial potential. Previous non-experimental evidence suggests that guarantor requirements may be a…

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This blog discusses chapter one of the Global Financial Development Report 2019/2020 and presents both the theoretical premises for bank regulation and supervision and the associated polices that…

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This blog argues that the Digital Agricultural Revolution will reduce tracking and verification costs, allowing better-informed lenders to move away from land as collateral. It is part of the…

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This blog focuses on Market Discipline, the second chapter of the Global Financial Development Report 2019/2020.

Deniz Anginer, Ata Can Bertay |

This blog focuses on the third chapter of the (recently launched) Global Financial Development Report 2019/2020 focuses on bank capital regulation.

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This blog reports some of the findings presented in the Global Financial Development Report 2019 / 2020: Bank Regulation and Supervision a Decade after the Global Financial Crisis.

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