While women's entry into employment strengthens their bargaining position within the home, the impact of career advancement on their decision-making power remains puzzling. This paper…

Hannah Uckat |

NDCs are not legally binding and depend on the political will and public support in each country. There is a risk that governments may backtrack on their commitments or face resistance from some…

Christian Schoder, Remzi Baris Tercioglu |

The Women, Business and the Law index is a longstanding and essential tool revealing gaps in countries’ legal frameworks, paving the way for policy reforms.

Julia Braunmiller |

The 2023 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals provides a comprehensive overview of the progress made towards achieving the SDGs. The report highlights critical findings that are essential to…

Ana Florina Pirlea, Divyanshi Wadhwa |

Myanmar's transition to an open market economy in 2011 led to significant gains in GDP per capita and poverty reduction.

Sutirtha Sinha Roy |

A recent World Bank note sheds light on property ownership and taxation patterns in São Paulo, Brazil, and provides valuable evidence of the persistent disparities that women face in owning…

Thiago Scot, Tatiana Flores, Davi Moura, Javier Feinmann, Roberto Hsu Rocha |

The World Bank’s new corporate flagship, Business Ready, is one stride in this direction. It aims to generate economy-specific and detailed knowledge on key regulatory areas that incentivize…

Taylor Boyce, Charlotte Nan Jiang |

Promoting the release of the 18th edition of the COVID-19 Household Monitoring Dashboard which was released on June 2023.

Carlos Sabatino, Gabriel Lara Ibarra |

Despite efforts to promote gender equality in the workforce, biases, social norms, and individual preferences can hinder optimal movement across sectors.

Carlos Góes, Gladys Lopez-Acevedo, Raymond Robertson |

Amidst the diverse landscape of debt policy and management in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), Benin has emerged as a country demonstrating strong progress in its approach to financial governance.

Wilfried A. Kouame, H. Hakan Yavuz |