Tthe combined situations of extreme poverty and exposure to conflict will become more frequent in the future.

Camille Laville, Pierre Mandon |

Policies that can keep individuals employed for a longer time are especially important as societies age and governments would like to encourage older workers and workers in less good health to…

Judit Krekó, Daniel Prinz, Andrea Weber |

Social networks can play a crucial role in exposing youth to different opportunities and activities, either socially or professionally.

Marcus Holmlund, Nausheen Khan, Emily Crawford |

Nationally representative longitudinal surveys – if done well – can positively impact development policies.

Akuffo Amankwah, Darcey Johnson, Josephine Ofori Adofo, Maryam Gul, Rob Swinkels, Amparo Palacios-Lopez |

Twenty-three percent of the world population, or 1.81 billion people, are directly exposed to substantial risks during a 1-in-100-year flood event.

Paolo Avner, Charlotte Liotta, Stéphane Hallegatte |

Helping beneficiary households better cope with adverse life events is one of the main assurances of social protection programs.

Tobias Pfutze |

This blog is a biweekly feature highlighting recent working papers from around the World Bank Group that were published in the World Bank’s Policy Research Working Paper Series. This entry…

Marcelo Buitron, Policy Research Working Paper team |

If imports increase competition for Egypt’s workers, trade agreements seem to have a very limited potential for explaining Egypt’s labor-market outcomes.

Raymond Robertson, Mexico Vergara, Gladys Lopez-Acevedo, Jaime Alfonso Roche Rodriguez |

Critical development gains over the past two decades have enabled half of the countries classified as low-income in the early 2000s to become middle-income.

Annette De Kleine Feige, Eric Lacey, Habiburahman Sahibzada |

As digital technologies continue to gain momentum in lower-income countries, tax authorities are increasingly adopting technology solutions to improve their core functions and to collect revenue…

Oyebola Okunogbe, Fabrizio Santoro, Celeste Scarpini |