How has the future of work been changed by the COVID-19 pandemic? Over the past few months, labor market prospects have worsened rapidly due to the impact of the virus on labor supply and labor…

Federica Saliola |

Looking for Summer holiday readings? Drawing from my weekly social protection newsletter, here is a select compilation of materials out this year and spanning ten themes.

Ugo Gentilini |

Economic theory anchors welfare measurement in the household’s usual rate of consumption, which is the outcome of a long-run optimization that depends on household preferences and expectations…

Nandini Krishnan, Erich Battistin, Michele De Nadai |

It might be assumed that public procurement is most heavily regulated in high-income countries, given that they have greater public sector capacity, more efficient institutions and longer…

Marko Grujicic, Joseph Lemoine, Greta Polo |

While the COVID-19 pandemic has so far resulted in thousands of deaths and millions being pushed into poverty globally, it has also laid bare the porous nature of country borders and the need for…

Faisal A. Baig, Quy-Toan Do, Lakshmi Iyer |

The coronavirus epidemic has created an unprecedented opportunity to innovate social protection programs so they both help women and empower them.

Kehinde Ajayi, Alessandra Heinemann |

At a first glance, developing countries’ reliance on consumption taxes, which are viewed as regressive, suggests a limited or negative impact on wealth redistribution via the tax system.

Pierre Bachas, Lucie Gadenne, Anders Jensen |

Over the last six months, the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has generated massive losses in well-being around the world – through greater mortality, widespread suffering, higher unemployment and…

Benoît Decerf, Francisco Ferreira, Daniel Gerszon Mahler, Olivier Sterck |

The importance of women’s equal access to identification in times of a global crisis

Julia Braunmiller |

The outlook for low-income countries: Slowest growth in a generation

Rudi Steinbach |