COVID-19 reminds us that shocks can cascade and compound in complex ways, with broad fiscal, economic, financial and social implications. Understanding this trend is especially important…

Olivier Mahul, Irene Monasterolo, Nicola Ranger |

To understand why many low-income households in Africa are hesitant to adopt solar power, the World Bank’s Carbon Initiative for Development and its Mind, Behavior, and Development Unit teamed up…

Jonathan Coony, Joana Sousa Lourenco, Samantha De Martino |

With support from the PROGREEN Partnership for Sustainable and Resilient Landscapes, the World Bank is piloting a “Climate Resilience” tool for tree planting projects.

Paola Agostini, Garo Batmanian, Maurice Andres Rawlins, Olga Stradysheva |

Despite this incredibly difficult period, ,we’re seeing innovation and renewed ambition to tackle challenges like climate change,

Bernice Van Bronkhorst, Wendy Hughes |

Prioritizing green investments and smart building retrofits will help municipalities stimulate a sustainable post-pandemic recovery. A green investment strategy will create local jobs, reduce the…

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Annual State and Trends report reveals the potential of carbon pricing is still largely untapped; there is an urgent need to scale the scope and ambition of these instruments. to help reach the…

Bernice Van Bronkhorst |

World Bank's Climate Warehouse Program is helping developing countries deal with the complexities involved in generating internationally transferred mitigation outcomes under the Paris…

Lucas Belenky, Sandhya Srinivasan |

A new IFC report analyzes how cities can allocate their resources to ensure a cleaner living environment for their residents, create jobs, and lay the foundation for a robust local economy. 

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Find out how better data can help protect the environment while increasing investment in agriculture.

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A new report from the NDC-SF examines common themes from NDC-SF’s projects in more than 50 countries and analyzes how to effectively support the implementation of the climate commitments countries…

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