Most governments and development partners are working on identifying, protecting, and supporting learning of the most vulnerable members of the COVID-19 generation.

Silvia Montoya, Joao Pedro Azevedo |

Policymakers, development partners, parents, and other stakeholders need information on children’s learning outcomes, and countries need to generate data in a way that can foster improvements in…

Adelle Pushparatnam, Diego Luna-Bazaldua |

Despite the overwhelming consequences of the pandemic, this global crisis has also been an extraordinary time for learning.

Maria Barron, Cristobal Cobo, Alberto Munoz-Najar, Inaki Sanchez Ciarrusta |

Teachers matter enormously to student learning. Teachers deliver academic knowledge. Teachers impart model socioemotional skills. Good teachers boost students’ long-term life outcomes.

David Evans |

If teachers are the single most important school-based factor influencing student learning, shouldn’t we provide them with the best possible support?

Adelle Pushparatnam, Ezequiel Molina, Ana Teresa Del Toro Mijares |

COVID-19 is threatening the gains being made in girls’ education. Urgent action is needed to ensure that girls and women can realize the returns to their schooling.

Raja Bentaouet Kattan, Claudio E. Montenegro, Harry A. Patrinos |

Teachers shape the future of millions of students every day, affecting how we treat each other, the way we work, how productive we are, and even how happy and confident we are as adults. Through…

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Math and science performance of students in Europe and Central Asia. Lessons from the top performers.

Harry A. Patrinos |

Education is a social experience. Education is reading comprehension and mathematical reasoning. But it is mainly about being a good citizen, about learning empathy, self-control, solidarity,…

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Effectively integrating technology into large-scale educational systems is a challenging endeavor. However, incremental innovations – where technology is used to substitute routine tasks – are…

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