Our school systems are not keeping up. Neither in terms of numbers nor in quality. More schooling is necessary, but at high levels, and with higher levels of quality – in terms of what students…

Harry A. Patrinos |

Many of us have memories of studying for a high-stakes examination that would determine whether we graduated from school or got into the university or course of our choice. Depending on how we did…

Marguerite Clarke, Vincent Greaney |

A partnership with Headai, a Finnish company, applied an AI-enabled labor market assessment tool in Kenya

Saori Imaizumi |

Eliminating learning poverty, defined as the share of children that by age 10 cannot read and understand a simple text, is as critical as eliminating extreme poverty, stunting or hunger.

Jaime Saavedra |

A substantial proportion of refugee children will be in host communities for the entirety of their schooling years.

Keiko Miwa |

PISA 2018 - rich countries fail to impress; progress in some middle-income countries is apparent.

Harry A. Patrinos, Jaime Saavedra |

All societies must provide everyone the opportunity of a quality education. And many do. There are many countries where everyone receives a decent education no matter where the child was born or…

Jaime Saavedra |

Children with visual impairment who lack access to vision correction are at a disadvantage in terms of school enrollment, educational attainment, and learning.

Quentin Wodon |

We are living a global learning crisis. More than half of children in low- and middle-income countries cannot read and understand a simple text by age ten. A few weeks ago during the World Bank…

Jaime Saavedra |

What stuck with me from the discussion was not the challenge of childhood literacy, nor the remedy the panel’s title espoused, “building the foundation of human capital,” though both are important…

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