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A statement by a young woman in Luanda, Angola echoes an experience faced by countless others: “A woman has to earn everything in life. She can’t expect it from a man because then she will never…

Ana Luiza Machado, Miriam Muller, Liliana Sousa |

Can government restrictions on rural land markets benefit landless workers? Guest post by Julián Arteaga.

Thailand takes action to enhance water security measures because of increasing risks due to floods and droughts.

Georges Comair, Sanjay Pahuja |

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a pervasive global health crisis; one in three women worldwide experience GBV in their lifetime – and key vulnerable groups, such as female sex workers, are…

Rebecca Hémono, Marianna Balampama, Damien de Walque, William H. Dow |

South Asia: Navigating Green Energy Transitions, Together

Cecile Fruman, Pankaj Gupta |

Through its independent Integrity Vice Presidency (INT), the World Bank is significantly engaged with our MDB partners in our fight against corruption in development projects. Central to this…

Mouhamadou Diagne |

Have you taken longer routes to avoid dark streets? Have you waited for a train or bus that's mostly empty? Have you carried keys in your hands for self-defense "just in case?" Have…

Amal Faltas, Niyati Shah, Enas Shaaban Mahmoud |

No single organization can act alone to help countries reduce their challenges of living amid fragility, conflict, and violence.

World Bank Fragility, Conflict and Violence Team |

While substantial strides have been made in advancing the rights and economic inclusion of sexual and gender minorities, discrimination and exclusion still impact their lives and their communities…

Hana Brixi, Louise Cord |