South Asia is making progress, but at a slower pace than in the pre-pandemic years and still has a long way to go, according to the World Bank's latest economic outlook.

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In countries challenged by fragility, conflict, and violence (FCV), the private sector is key to accelerating economic growth, as it can play an instrumental role in providing jobs and income to…

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In the breathtaking terrains of South Asia, where soaring mountains and high-altitude communities coexist, the menace of landslides and their catastrophic aftermaths looms large. Imagine a…

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Economic policies over past years and decades have had negative impacts on living standards, the private sector and the environment, driving a deep crisis that is hitting ordinary Pakistanis…

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Towards improved service delivery: Four ways Nepal can strengthen fiscal federalism

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Changing food habits helps improve nutrition in rural Nepal

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Clean Air for Nepal
Air Pollution in Nepal
Air Quality in Nepal

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An overwhelming 40 percent of the total solid waste found in the Indus River and along its banks is plastic.

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The blog talks about the Punjab province's successful education reform strategy.

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Afghanistan remains a challenging environment for accessing reliable, transparent, and low-cost financial services. According to 2017 Global Findex, only 15 percent of adults had an account at any…

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