For South Asia to reach its full economic potential, it must explore untapped opportunities.

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Nepal's economy is expected to grow by 3.7 percent in the current fiscal year and 4.1 percent in FY2022/23, led by a recovery of the services sector amid high COVID-19 vaccination rates.

Faris Hadad-Zervos |

As the gusts of the COVID-19 pandemic quieten, South Asian economies, left fragile and uneven in their recovery, are facing renewed headwinds: high inflation, rising fiscal deficits, and…

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To broaden access to a rich set of subnational and spatial statistics and to complement the work of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) by producing quality statistics for policy makers and…

Ayago Wambile, Sailesh Tiwari, Claudia Berg |

Post-disaster Reconstruction: Lessons from Nepal and Pakistan; Earthquake

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Road safety in Bangladesh

Guangzhe Chen |

Two-wheeler crashes account for the highest death rate around the world, compared to other road traffic crashes. The situation is particularly alarming in South Asia. But the proper use of…

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The Covid-19 pandemic brought global tourism and travel to a standstill. Although the health impact of the pandemic has been fairly contained in Maldives, its economic consequences for the tourism…

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In Sri Lanka, the Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project is making a paradigm shift in mindsets of rural Sri Lankans by raising awareness, providing training and building laboratories for…

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