The World Bank's recently-updated approach to help South Asian nations work together to cope with COVID-19 and unlock new opportunities for growth focuses on resilience, economic connectivity…

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The World Bank Group's 2020 Human Capital Index reminds us that much still needs to be to done to strengthen human development outcomes such as health and education.

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The Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC) is setting protocols for staggered work at congested locations, checking and quarantining labor and supplies, sanitizing work sites, and more.

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The strict lockdown imposed by the Government of India on March 24 brought most economic activity to a hard stop. The extent to which the economy would be able to bounce back following re-opening…

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Today, while millions of lives and livelihoods have been severely impacted by the pandemic, women from minority communities across India are supporting themselves thanks to the Nai Manzil skills…

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Paper-heavy trade processes are complex, frequently delay border clearance, provide opportunities for rent seeking, and act as a costly impediment to the private sector.

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Lower electricity consumption implies lower economic activity. The two are closely linked and with the help of some assumptions it is possible to provide an approximation of the economic costs…

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Our assessment of India’s air quality trends has found another underlying and positive trend: air quality has been improving across the country since 2018, and this has nothing to do with the…

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Helping address gender-based violence in large infrastructure projects through gender sensitization workshops.

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South Asia’s tourism industry has lost more than 10 million jobs and $52 billion in GDP to COVID-19; rebuilding it after such a staggering blow won’t be easy.

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