When the political crisis hit Afghanistan in August 2021, the private sector was already struggling with an unfavorable investment climate, political instability, endemic corruption, low business…

Mohammad Sulaiman Akbari |

For South Asia to reach its full economic potential, it must explore untapped opportunities.

Hans Timmer |

As the gusts of the COVID-19 pandemic quieten, South Asian economies, left fragile and uneven in their recovery, are facing renewed headwinds: high inflation, rising fiscal deficits, and…

Zoe Leiyu Xie, Xiao'ou Zhu |

In Sri Lanka, the Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project is making a paradigm shift in mindsets of rural Sri Lankans by raising awareness, providing training and building laboratories for…

Rubika Shrestha, Thiruni Liyanage, Kristoffer Welsien |

This household level data suggests that the downturn in welfare outcomes in Afghanistan is being largely driven by a sharp decline in overall economic conditions, more so than by specific actions…

Cesar Cancho, Erwin Knippenberg, Ghazala Mansuri |

Even though services contribute immensely to other sectors all over the world, including manufacturing, they are continually underappreciated when calculating growth and productivity.

Valerie Mercer-Blackman |

Transitions are never easy. Yet, with climate change, they are absolutely vital for South Asia for a green recovery beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and for reducing poverty in the long term.

Lazar Milivojevic, Zoe Leiyu Xie |

Despite the ferocious resurgence of COVID-19 earlier this year, South Asia continues to recover, thanks to targeted lockdowns, accelerated vaccination rollout, and trade demand from outside the…

Miguel Otero Nule, Zoe Leiyu Xie |

Through the South Asia Climate Roadmap, we are ramping up World Bank Group (WBG) support for mitigation and adaptation efforts in the region over the next five years.

Hartwig Schafer, John Roome |

Remittance flows are a major source of income for all countries in South Asia, larger than all other capital inflows combined.

Valerie Mercer-Blackman |