At the beginning of March, before lockdown from the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, I visited Rabat, the capital of Morocco, a place that was my home for four years from mid-2015 to mid-…

Marie Francoise Marie-Nelly |

In this unprecedented crisis, governments and the international community have an opportunity to create a healthier planet for current and future generations. We must not miss it.

Xenia Kirchhofer |

The Global Public Procurement Database is a first of its kind knowledge product that convenes in a single platform data on different countries’ procurement laws, systems, and performances across…

Hunt La Cascia, Justin Valentine |

The World Bank’s Social Development Global Practice is working on initiatives utilizing technology to empower citizens.

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The International Day of Forests this month is an opportunity to recognize the vital role played by forests in improving the livelihoods of 400 million Africans who depend on them for food, energy…

Africa Olojoba |

As governments continue responding to COVID-19, their public financial management systems need to be ready to effectively fund their responses.

Srinivas Gurazada, Jens Kromann Kristensen, Mirja Channa Sjoblom, Moritz Piatti, Khuram Farooq |

Recommendations from this MAPS Assessment, supported by the World Bank, can help the Zambian government make more informed decisions on their next steps to reforming their procurement system.

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I feel passionate about boosting global development through better transport. And I also feel passionate about food. While those two interests seemingly have little to do with each other, it turns…

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On this rainy morning in January 2020, I am delighted to join my colleagues from the World Bank office in Madagascar—all of us wearing raincoats and carrying shovels, ready to plant 1,000 plants…

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As an increasing share of countries adopt legislation for gender equality in the workplace, we take a deep look at trends in equal pay and non-discrimination legislation and how they interact with…

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