This week, global development experts focused on strengthening supply chains to protect the safe development and delivery of future COVID-19 vaccines, and the importance of civil society and non-…

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This week, President Malpass reiterated the World Bank’s support to over 100 countries in their emergency health responses.

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This week, public health experts discuss the risks of obesity while fighting COVID-19 and the impact of the pandemic on essential health services for women and children.

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With the rising costs of out-of-pocket health care expenditures, currently estimated at half a trillion dollars globally, the number of people affected by this trend is expected to increase…

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In a recent visit to El Salvador, the smallest, yet beautiful most densely populated country in Central America, I attended an international event organized by the Secretariat of the Framework…

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Illicit trade in tobacco products undermines global tobacco prevention and control interventions, particularly with respect to tobacco tax policy. From a public health perspective, illicit trade…

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It’s time for ‘Nutrition Smart Agriculture’

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Accumulated scientific evidence shows that proper nutrition and stimulation in utero and during early childhood benefit physical and mental well-being later in life and contribute to the…

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Photo: © Masaru Goto / World Bank

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Photo credit: Dominic Chavez/World Bank Exactly one year ago, I received an unexpected call from my manager just as I was finishing a week of paternity leave following the birth of my daughter.   …

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