We face daunting, interconnected challenges, but IDA – and the entire World Bank Group – will help the poorest countries meet those challenges and continue our drive to end extreme poverty.

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As we work on the next IDA replenishment we have a chance to integrate these lessons across our programs that are focused on countries affected by fragility and conflict.

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In Afghanistan, a World Bank program aimed at lifting rural households out of extreme poverty has generated remarkable results.

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The implementation of SDGs can be in jeopardy if disaster risk finance is not considered.

Alfonso Garcia Mora |

April marked the official launch of global consultations to inform the World Bank Group’s first-ever Strategy for Fragility, Conflict and Violence (FCV).

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Musana Carts, a business that provides clean, solar-powered street vending carts, aims to improve the lives of street vendors in developing countries. Africa’s urban areas are booming,…

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Transport infrastructure planning and design take into consideration men and women’s differences in travel needs, patterns, and behaviors to promote gender equality. But do these differences also…

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About this series More blog posts Poverty and isolation create a host of development challenges for Myanmar's rural communities, from poor road connections to lack of clean water and…

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About this series More blog posts Culture is an essential component of each and every society. It is the fabric that weaves communities together and gives them their unique identity. Acknowledging…

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In 2015, more than 500 million hectares of forests were held by indigenous peoples.  Despite the increase in forest area designated for and owned by indigenous peoples in recent decades,…

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