I’ve just returned from a mission to Palestine. During the visit, I met Fatima. She was happily married until last summer, when suddenly she lost everything. 

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At this week's UN Sustainable Development Summit, the world's oceans will be getting the attention they have long deserved -- but not always received. They are the focus of Sustainable…

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A new study was recently carried out by the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) of the World Bank on how to unlock the potential of Information and Communications Technology (ICTs) to improve Water…

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Photo credit: Guido Fuà Most people are aware of Ebola's devastating impact on human health. To date, over 22, 800 people have been infected and 9, 000 have died. Its effects on West Africa…

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Omer Karasapan crunches the latest ranking of global cities to see how urban centers in the Middle East and North Africa region are faring. 

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