Digital technologies are reshaping economies, but women and girls are underrepresented in ICT education and careers. Learn how to break down barriers and support girls in becoming the ICT…

Hana Brixi, Mary Porter Peschka, Christine Zhenwei Qiang |

Learn how nature-based solutions are increasingly recognized as an essential tool in mitigating disasters and supporting climate resilience.

Brenden Jongman, Sally Judson |

With over a century of experience, Japan is at the forefront of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. With the World Bank they’re building a robust partnership to boost resilient…

Imad N. Fakhoury, Megumi Muto, Sameh Wahba |

This is a critical time for education. A cost-of-living crisis, including rising food and energy prices and the war in Ukraine are putting pressure on policymakers to cut education budgets. It is…

Camilla Kuckartz, Mathias Esmann |

The World Bank and Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Technical and Higher Education are working together to revamp Sierra Leone’s skills development sector, using data and rigorous and competitive…

Ali Hasan Ansari, Amani Osman, Himdat Bayusuf, Mari Shojo, Mariama Wurie |

Using the latest machine learning technology, Tanzania’s Resilience Academy participants helped build a comprehensive map of the city’s trees.

Nick Jones, Vivien Deparday, Nuala Margaret Cowan |

Transport innovation can introduce more fairness into urban policy and make sure fiscal resources go to transport modes that are most beneficial to people, the planet, and the economy.

Ellin Ivarsson, Leonardo Canon Rubiano, Bianca Bianchi |

The Covid-19 pandemic left more than 1.1 billion children out of school, with more than 65% of countries mandating partial or total school closures globally. 48% of ministries of education adopted…

Marcela Gutierrez Bernal, Mariama Wurie, Mari Shojo |

Better road infrastructure can foster a better integration between the main coastal economies in West Africa.

Mathilde Lebrand |