Digital public infrastructure can enable essential society-wide functions and services such as identification, payments, and data exchange.

Vyjayanti T Desai, Jonathan Marskell, Georgina Marin, Minita Varghese |

Better road infrastructure can foster a better integration between the main coastal economies in West Africa.

Mathilde Lebrand |

If you paid some of the highest electricity tariffs in the world, you would expect some of the most reliable electricity services. Unfortunately, this logic does not hold in West Africa, where…

Mustafa Zakir Hussain |

Today, on the occasion of the World Youth Skills Day , we are pleased to announce the winners of the Blog4Dev 2021 competition.

Hafez Ghanem, Ousmane Diagana |

In Gbekon, Benin, summers come with flooding from the Mono River. Erosion of the nearby coast, along with more unpredictable rainfall, have made these floods worse over time. Each flood cuts…

Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez, Maria Sarraf, Simeon Ehui |

Since the beginning of the coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis, in Togo as everywhere in the world, in a constant concern to respect health precautions, digital solutions have been used to…

Thierry Yogo, Ernest Sergenti |

The mobile and digital gender gap is not going to close on its own. We need to collaborate and take coordinated action.

Mari Elka Pangestu, Mats Granryd |

By 2050, demand for meat and dairy products in Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to increase by 327% and 270%, respectively, while demand for grains is projected to rise by 190%, in comparison with…

Caroline Plante |

During the COVID-19 crisis, climate shocks and extreme weather events will not stop. As countries begin the process of recovery, it is critical that we focus on building climate resilience,…

Arame Tall |

She: “Nana, can you tell me again how Togo managed to end early marriage? I never get tired of hearing you talk about it.”
Me: “But I’ve told you a thousand and one times! Let’s switch…

Assoumanou Nihade |