Do you know that in Liberia, half of the population lives within 2.5 kilometers of a forest and is depending on them?

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¿De qué manera los países pueden hacer crecer sus economías y al mismo tiempo controlar la contaminación atmosférica? En un nuevo informe del Banco Mundial se analiza esta pregunta compleja

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A new report looks at the kinds of policies actions three cities have taken to tackle poor local air quality, providing lessons for other cities.

Karin Kemper, Sameh Wahba |

Un rapport évalue les effets des actions de lutte contre la pollution sur la qualité de l'air.

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يبحث تقرير جديد في أنواع الإجراءات السياساتية التي اتخذتها ثلاث مدن لمعالجة ضعف جودة الهواء المحلي، مما يوفر دروسًا للمدن الأخرى.

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Karin Kemper, Sameh Wahba |

Descarbonizar, o llegar a cero emisiones netas de carbono, significa reducir a niveles cercanos a cero las emisiones de carbono de combustibles fósiles, deforestación, y procesos industriales; y…

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In Sri Lanka, as in other countries, the loss of jobs and incomes incurred by the pandemic has been severe. While workers in almost every sector have been affected, informal workers who make up…

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The World Bank's recently-updated approach to help South Asian nations work together to cope with COVID-19 and unlock new opportunities for growth focuses on resilience, economic connectivity…

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A recent World Bank report finds that the Bank’s strategic use of climate-related trust funds has enabled it to play an outsized role in catalyzing climate action worldwide for nearly 30 years.…

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