One of the more unusual places I’ve visited through my work is a veterinary and livestock training farm in the Ganja region in western Azerbaijan. As a devoted animal lover, I relished the…

Tako Kobakhidze |

To inform policy decisions, policymakers need evidence that answers questions about causality. Adapting randomized controlled trials (or RCTs) to answer these types of development policy questions…

Xavier Gine, Hanan Jacoby |

With the need to contain the virus, many countries are implementing measures to reduce gatherings of large crowds.

Harry A. Patrinos, Tigran Shmis |

Opened State Archives reveal how decisions taken by the government in 1977 have created a legacy of weakened buildings in Bucharest, exacerbating its high earthquake risk.

Alanna Simpson, Antonios Pomonis, Emil-Sever Georgescu |

Politics shape development outcomes. Taking the politics of development seriously also means taking accountability mechanisms and the legitimacy of decision-making processes seriously.

Vijayendra Rao, Michael Woolcock |

As an increasing share of countries adopt legislation for gender equality in the workplace, we take a deep look at trends in equal pay and non-discrimination legislation and how they interact with…

Patricia Paskov |

Profiles of women reformers making it easier to do business around the world

Caroline Freund, Valerie Marechal, Iva Ilieva Hamel |

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we highlight the accomplishments of five leaders who have delivered much needed regulatory reforms benefiting entrepreneurs.

Caroline Freund, Valerie Marechal, Iva Ilieva Hamel |

Here in Armenia, we have identified several gender gaps that manifest throughout a woman’s life. These start with a preference for sons, followed by “gender streaming” in education, in which young…

Sylvie K. Bossoutrot |