The demise of humanity at the hands of machines has long been a preoccupation of science fiction writers, but a more pressing worry has been robots putting humans out of work. As digital…

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It’s time for organizations to step over the fear of public blockchain.

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An innovative solution is helping rural farming communities in Bangladesh use technology to maintain food supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The farming sector is under considerable pressure: by 2050, the planet will need to produce nearly 70% more food than it did in 2009. Paradoxically, going small could be the answer, with nano-…

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This blog argues that the Digital Agricultural Revolution will reduce tracking and verification costs, allowing better-informed lenders to move away from land as collateral. It is part of the…

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Digital platforms are transforming every sector of the economy, including agriculture. As digital farming continues to grow, how can we adapt regulation to promote effective competition?

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The increased availability of free and open satellite imagery is opening a world of new possibilities for the agriculture sector in developing countries.

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Left photo: Mobile food delivery person. © Artavazd Hakobayan/World Bank. Right photo: Moscow metro map. © From meal orders to grocery delivery, the online market for food is growing…

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© Flore de Preneuf/World Bank [[tweetable]]One way or another blockchain, that distributed ledger technology we keep hearing and reading about, means greater traceability.[[/tweetable]] And when…

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Left photo: Patrick Quade. Right photo: Flore de Preneuf/ World Bank [[tweetable]]Unsafe foods cost developing economies over $110 billion in lost productivity and medical expenses each year[[/…

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