It might surprise you that women still have to protest domestic violence in 2020. But did you know that it’s been just 40 years since the first law on domestic violence was passed?

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Some interactions with the government are more complicated, however, and the process for procuring public works is an example.

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This week's Development Impact links include discussion of how to write the introduction to a paper, new articles on the Indian economy, a professor describes his failed ideas, and more...…

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Many people in the world celebrate February 14 as Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love. And, for many, marriage is the pinnacle —the ultimate celebration of love. But the marriage market is…

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By the end of 2017 there appears to be on average a wide gap between leverage ratios of small banks and large banks, especially in Russia, Eastern Europe and South Caucasus.

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In both education and health, poor quality of service delivery is the key reason why service coverage does not necessarily translate into better outcomes. We know this because research – much of…

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Our school systems are not keeping up. Neither in terms of numbers nor in quality. More schooling is necessary, but at high levels, and with higher levels of quality – in terms of what students…

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In recent years, Azerbaijan has achieved high growth rates, sustained poverty reduction, and a reduction in debt levels. At the same time, the country’s primary and secondary education system has…

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With the help of Nepal’s Office of the Auditor General (OAG), which is supported by the World Bank, local citizens are taking back control and enforcing rule of law to defend Nepal’s Fewa Lake, an…

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The region needs to accelerate the pace of economic growth, reduce inequality and improve governance

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