Check out some of the findings of the World Bank’s annual report on the State and Trends of Carbon Pricing, a global snapshot of carbon pricing developments year to year.

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The global value chain (GVC) revolution then completely changed the nature of FDI and its potential effects on economic growth.

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The World Bank’s metals and minerals price index rose 10 percent in the first quarter of 2023. Price increases reflected positive sentiment about stronger demand amid supply disruptions for some…

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The race to net-zero emissions is on. Governments should look to a key private sector player - multinational enterprises - to accelerate their decarbonization strategies.

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Unemployment, underutilized skills, informality, and crime are symptoms of a stagnant economy, where job opportunities are scarce and poverty and vulnerability run rampant.

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Nearly 75 percent of account owners in the West African economic and monetary union (WAEMU) own a mobile money account.

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The seventh in an annual series which compiles statistics on publishing in development economics journals.

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CIWA is exploring ways to better align its transboundary water cooperation efforts with biodiversity conservation goals, including identifying opportunities at the intersection of transboundary…

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Providing high-quality storybooks along with a network of reading supports effectively improved reading outcomes, including proficiency, frequency, and attitudes. Both caregivers and children…

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A new type of corporate entity called Simplified Joint Stock Companies is formed quickly, flexibly, and with simpler procedures.

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