Rail is a climate-friendly and low-cost transport mode, and many countries aim to increase the share of freight it moves. However, this can be difficult when freight goes cross-border. This blog…

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World Bank Group President David Malpass highlights some key points from his recent public engagements and notable events.

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The GCC countries, coping with the dual shocks of the pandemic and low oil prices, are standing at the crossroad of economic and social transformation. The future of the region depends on how well…

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With a population boom on the horizon, demographics will inevitably affect Uganda’s development path over the coming decades.

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Despite the overwhelming consequences of the pandemic, this global crisis has also been an extraordinary time for learning.

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Discover six proven pathways for civil society organizations (CSOs) to complement government and donor actions to ensure good governance in COVID-19 vaccination programs.

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Please join us on March 11 for a roundtable discussion on gender and public procurement. Leading experts will discuss good practices and lessons learned as well as innovative initiatives to…

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This week, the Sahel Alliance, a consortium of 25 development partners including the World Bank and IFC, renewed its pledge to help five countries of the subregion out of poverty.

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The COVID-19 pandemic presented a major challenge for household survey programs, as the health risks posed by the virus and associated restrictions disrupted traditional face-to-face survey…

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Global recovery efforts need to pay particular attention to the needs of women and girls.

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