The World Bank has been working on Disaster Risk Managment with Guatemala’s national and local authorities and agencies since 2006.

Barbara Minguez Garcia, Rodrigo Donoso Arias |

El Banco Mundial ha estado trabajando en gestión de riesgo de desastres con autoridades y agencias gubernamentales a nivel nacional y local desde 2006.

Barbara Minguez Garcia, Rodrigo Donoso Arias |

A city of contrasts, Buenos Aires works to integrate informal settlements

Beatriz Eraso Puig, Catherine Lynch |

Women’s property rights are essential for women’s empowerment. Equal access to property ownership and inheritance is associated with greater female labor force participation...

Nayda L. Almodóvar-Reteguis |

The program offers affordable loans for climate adaptation to households and to small businesses in manufacturing, tourism and agriculture.

Keren Charles, Kerri Cox, Priscilla M. Phelps |

يتزايد الشعور بالقلق بشأن محيطات العالم، إذ يشكل الصيد الجائر خطرا داهما على مصائد الأسماك، ويلاحظ تدهور الشعاب المرجانية وتناقصها، ويتزايد عدد المناطق الميتة. ويؤدي غياب إدارة النفايات على الأرض…

دونا بارن, فلورينا برليا |

Concern about the world’s oceans is growing. Overfishing threatens fisheries, coral reefs are declining and disappearing, and the number of dead zones is increasing.

Donna Barne, Florina Pirlea |

L’état de nos océans suscite de plus en plus d’inquiétudes. La surpêche menace les ressources halieutiques, les récits coralliens sont en danger, tandis que le nombre de zones mortes progresse.…

Donna Barne, Florina Pirlea |