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Malaysia has made remarkable progress in reducing poverty, but it is now time for the country to raise official poverty standards as other middle- and high-income countries have done.

Kenneth Simler |

В настоящее время, гипертония, являющееся фактором риска хронических заболеваний, является третьей по величине причиной преждевременной смертности и инвалидности в Таджикистане, и ее…

Adanna Chukwuma, Mutriba Latypova, Estelle Gong, Nicole Fraser |

Pinelopi Goldberg congratulates Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, and Michael Kremer for winning the Nobel Prize!

Pinelopi Goldberg |

A Nobel Prize for Development RCTs!

David McKenzie |

A pesar de los desafíos, en Centroamérica existen grandes posibilidades de desarrollo que apuntan a fortalecer su resiliencia.

Haris Sanahuja |

As part of the World Bank’s goal to help Bolivia strengthen the delivery of sustainable water and sanitation services for the most disadvantaged, a three-year pilot project on fecal sludge…

Alfonso Alvestegui |

World Bank and UNHCR: Using open data to drive evidence-based responses to support refugees and their hosts

Björn Gillsäter |

Taji, a young boy in Nairobi, Kenya, sits outside his flooded classroom. School’s out, but not by choice. Cycles of floods and droughts have hit major African cities like Nairobi.

Zirra Banu |

Aprender a leer es uno de los hitos en la vida de todo niño y niña. Aquellos de nosotros que somos padres, maestros e incluso aquellos que somos hermanos mayores, podemos recordar con cariño la…

Jaime Saavedra |

Learning to read is a milestone in every child’s life. Those of us who are parents, teachers, and older siblings, can fondly remember the first time your daughter, student or brother was able to…

Jaime Saavedra |