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Charlotte V. McClain-Nhlapo is Global Disability Advisor of the World Bank Group. As Disability Advisor, she focuses on working with and supporting operational teams across the institution to ensure that Bank policies, programs and projects take people with disabilities into consideration.

Andy Shuai Liu is an External Affairs Officer of the World Bank with a focus on sustainable development issues, including social development, urban development, disaster risk management, and land.

Andy Shuai Liu es un productor de comunicaciones en línea que trabaja en temas relacionados con la agricultura así como también con el medio ambiente y los recursos naturales en el Banco Mundial.

R. Andres Castaneda Aguliar is an Economist/Data Scientist in the Data Group of the Department of Development Economics at the World Bank.

Dean Jolliffe is a lead economist in the Development Data Group at the World Bank. He is a member of the Living Standards Measurement Study team and co-lead of the team that works on global poverty measurement (PovcalNet).

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Christoph Lakner is an Economist in the Development Research Group (Poverty & Inequality team) at the World Bank. His research interests include inequality, poverty, and labor markets in developing countries.

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