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Submitted by Lalit Kumar Dashora on

Much needed initiative, which is need of the hour. In many developing countries hydro-meteorological services (provision of weather, climate and hydrological information) are inadequate to meet societal needs. This hydro-meteorological "service gap" has arisen due to insufficient resourcing of the infrastructure required to provide these crucial services. The under-resourcing of developing country hydro-meteorological infrastructure may be attributed to a variety of causes; civil unrest, natural and economic disasters, and even something as simple as a lack of understanding by government and community as to the important contribution hydro-meteorological services can make to the national economy and to a citizen’s quality of life.

Experience also shows that natural hazards do not respect national borders. Meteorological and hydrological data and information generated at a national level are also valuable at regional and global levels for assisting vulnerable communities in neighboring countries, to respond to effectively to hazards. We need to "think regionally and act locally".