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Submitted by Aurora Reonal Bigol on

In the development of a community needs more learning and study of what can be the possible way to improve their livelihood of the people. Environment, as I see in my country are the landslides, the floods and many calameties we are facing. Yes we want the future to be the best for all of us. But they are neglecting to plant more trees
Beacuse trees can hold hundred thousands of gallons of water. The other will follows like agriculture and infrastructure. Please mother earth needs more trees. One of the funded of the World Bank project is the repair of the road in the front of my farm house in Del Rosario, Oas Albay. Even they concrete. Still the erosion never can stop it. Beacuse no one trees are planted in the upland areas. I am very must happy that the World Bank are supporting to develop every community and end of poverty. Philippines is one of the recipient of this. First environment are the things to be done all over the planet. Thank you!