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  • Reply to: How can South Asian countries make the most of urbanization?   3 months 2 weeks ago
    If I understand the question correctly, you are referring to power outtages? The night lights are an average over the span of one year, so power outtages do not have an impact on teh validity of the analytic results.  Also, given the high correlation between night lights and economic activity, having constant balck outs generally mean lower productivity, which would then be reflected in the results. If you are interested we have a separate technical paper explaining many of the challenges and how they are dealt with to ensure robustness of the results.
  • Reply to: How can South Asian countries make the most of urbanization?   3 months 2 weeks ago

    How did you discount the electricity expenditure on political local decision on prioritizing street light? That political decision is based on many factors: accessibility to national production, security, electoral strategy, etc... How do you account for those factors in your analysis? If you don't your results might be bias and unreliable.

  • Reply to: Electric Car Craze   3 months 2 weeks ago

    Charging Infrastructure should be given more importance. Charging stations at common locations such as parking stations, gas stations, etc should be promoted. Rest challenges such as cost of battery, power output, charging cycle, driving range and safety sole depends on scale of production and R&D, again which is depended on sales. Another area of concern is battery replacement.

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    The future of automobile fuel for public, private and commercial transportation is more towards sustainable cleaner fuel. However, the true major hindrance is neither cost of battery or travel range, its rather the charging infrastructure.
    My view on electric vehicles is that having charging and battery replacement infrastructure for electric vehicles could solve a major chunk of the current issues associated with the acceptance. Consumer surveys suggest that the major area of concern is running out of charge in the middles of a journey.
    Installing charging infrastructure at places such as parking places, gas stations and convenient stores coupled with government initiatives would change market dynamics. But developing economies with less organised parking space and irregular distribution of gas stations pose a bigger challenge.
    Technological development will improve battery range, storage capacity, life cycle and cost. Scale of production will bring down cost of battery. So, the biggest challenge lies in providing the right infrastructure.

  • Reply to: Enhancing urban resilience in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia   3 months 4 weeks ago

    Dear Sotomayor:
    Thank you so much for the video. This video is yet another testimony of Ethiopian officials land grab from Oromo farmers. The impact of Ethiopian land use policy need to be examined both at Macro and Micro level. The land is a commodity that few ruling party members are garbing illegally from farmers depriving their livelihood and their family's future. This is happening in major cities in the county, in particular in Oromia state.

    This far more than 150 Oromo students killed while peacefully protesting. How come this is not taken under consideration in your study. What is the impact of land use policy and who is benefiting from the policy?

    On the other side there is a false narrative about Ethiopia - Ethiopia rising. Its GDP growing. See the attached "Ethiopia: Ban Urges World to Support Ethiopia's Efforts to Battle Worst Drought in 30 Years (1/31/16)". The county is in a worst famine year to year. You can't help your family from abroad depriving them of food for political servitude. The country couldn't feed its people. The ruling party is enriching itself. All of ruling party kids are in foreign schools at the expense of government. Where is a hope for democracy when the opposition party members and journalists are silenced and let die in prison.

    It is my sincere request that world bank look into its narrative about Ethiopia from factual on the ground perspective. Thank you so much,