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In recent years and in multiple fora, governments around the world have recognized that all countries need to have accessible, timely, and reliable disaggregated data to measure progress and…

Haishan Fu, Johannes Jütting, Stefan Schweinfest|

The OECD estimates that in 2020, governments in 27 countries for which data is available, spent an average of 14 percent of their GDP on public procurement of goods and services, out of 28 percent…

Serena Cocciolo, Sushmita Samaddar, Stephen Okiya|

The World Bank partnered with the Republic of Korea to accelerate digital transformation that is data-driven, secure, and green.

Zaki Khoury, Yulia Lesnichaya|

The social and economic footprint of the COVID-19 pandemic has put enormous pressure on decision-makers to respond quickly and efficiently. We highlight three specific examples that can help…

Emcet O. Tas, Najaf Zahra|

How data and digitalization are key to effective water sector performance and World Bank collaboration in the Danube Region

Raimund Mair, Kathia Havens, Alex Lazar|