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The social and economic footprint of the COVID-19 pandemic has put enormous pressure on decision-makers to respond quickly and efficiently. We highlight three specific examples that can help…

Emcet O. Tas, Najaf Zahra|

How data and digitalization are key to effective water sector performance and World Bank collaboration in the Danube Region

Raimund Mair, Kathia Havens, Alex Lazar|

World Statistics Day: Five key statistics on global access to water, sanitation and hygiene

Jonathan Grabinsky, Christian Borja-Vega|

The availability of “big data for good” can be a game changer for monitoring pandemic response. We will illustrate the use of this data to measure impact here in Vietnam, which was recently hit by…

Maham Faisal Khan, Kai Kaiser, Jacques Morisset|

Find out how in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when Nepal and most of the world was in an extended lockdown, a group of young people used data to help their communities.

Liza Maharjan, Avinashi Paudel|