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Energy prices continued plunging in March, down 35% from February, led by a 40% decline in crude oil, the World Bank’s Pink Sheet reported.

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The March 2020 global poverty update added more than 200 new surveys to PovcalNet, bringing the total number of surveys to more than 1,900. New poverty estimates for the reference year 2018 are…

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A new report, Fragility and Conflict: On the Front Lines of the Fight against Poverty, shows the increasing overlap between extreme poverty and conditions of fragility, conflict, and violence,…

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Energy prices plunged nearly 13 percent in February, led by natural gas in Europe (-20%) and crude oil (-13%), the World Bank Pink Sheet reported.

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As we reflect on the progress to advance gender equality, we take a closer look at women’s entrepreneurship. We turn to the World Bank Gender Data Portal for comprehensive sex-disaggregated…

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