Gender Equality

In 38 countries, women can still be fired for being pregnant

Olena Mykhalchenko, Isabel Santagostino Recavarren|

For people in the developed world, a mortgage is a step toward owning a home. In developing countries, that dream is often elusive—especially for women.

Georgina Baker|

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has undone women's progress from numerous dimensions but mainly in the economic sphere.

Gustavo Canavire-Bacarreza, Gabriel Lara Ibarra, Miriam Muller, Flavia Sacco Capurro|

In India, road crashes are intrinsically linked to the victims’ class, gender, income and geographical location.

Hartwig Schafer, Piyush Tewari|

The prevalence of gender based violence (GBV) is alarmingly high and pervasive; globally, one in three women have experienced some form of violence in their lifetime

Abhilasha Sahay|