Women, Business, and the Law

The Women, Business and the Law index is a longstanding and essential tool revealing gaps in countries’ legal frameworks, paving the way for policy reforms.

Julia Braunmiller|

We hosted a virtual capacity-building workshop in December 2022 that brought together members of civil society and non-government organizations, private sector representatives, and legal…

Natália Mazoni, Héloïse Groussard|

Since 2021, 18 economies introduced a total 34 reforms toward gender equality, the lowest number since 2001.

Taylor Boyce, Charlotte Nan Jiang, Norman Loayza|

A stand-alone Ministry of Gender would institutionalize the gender approach, target resources, and signal the government commitment to gender equality.

Alena Sakhonchik, Marina Elefante|

Gender equality and fair treatment of women and girls is a moral imperative, but global data analytics, evidence and experience clearly demonstrate that including women also fosters economic…

Christopher Stephens|