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HyungSik Harris Kim

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Senior Economist
Hyungsik Harris Kim joined the Emerging Development Trends team of the DECPG as a senior economist seconded from the Bank of Korea in September 2010. He had worked at the Bank of Korea since 1993, developing his career in the human resources development institute, the research department, the institute for monetary & economic research, the monetary policy committee office, and the monetary policy department. He has also served as a special lecturer in the Bank of Korea, and taught monetary and financial economics in Dongkuk University in Korea, and micro and macro economics in Texas A&M University. Harris Kim received his B.A. in Economics from Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea, and a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University. His fields of academic interest are monetary economics, econometrics, and financial economics. He has also published his research in a number of papers. In working with the team, he will be contributing to new flagship report, "Global Development Horizon", as well as developing a research agenda on Korea's successful development and macroeconomic management strategies and lessons of experience for other countries. Harris enjoys hiking, golf, rollerblading, and watching movies.