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Adeline Choy

Urban Specialist, Global Platform for Sustainable Cities

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Adeline Choy is a coordinator for the Global Platform for Sustainable Cities (GPSC), based in the World Bank Hub for Infrastructure and Urban Development in Singapore. Providing knowledge support in urban sustainability to the 27 cities across 11 countries taking part in the GPSC, Adeline works closely with many developing cities to help them develop an integrated approach to urban planning and management that is guided by evidence-based, multi-dimensional, and broadly inclusive planning process. Her areas of expertise include natural resource management, integrated urban planning, environmental policy and law.  

Prior to joining the Bank, Adeline was research manager with the Centre for Livable Cities in Singapore. Adeline also writes for China Dialogue, an independent, not-for-profit organization based in London, Beijing and Delhi, that highlights environmental news in China and around the world.  Adeline has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from the National University of Singapore and a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Law from the University of Eastern Finland.