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Ahmed Galal

Managing Director, Economic Research Forum

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Ahmed Galal is currently Managing Director of the Economic Research Forum, a regional research institution covering the Arab countries, Iran and Turkey. Between 2000 and 2006 and 1996 and 1997, while on leave from the World Bank, he was the Executive Director and Director of Research of the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES), another independent think-tank dedicated to economic development in Egypt.

Mr. Galal was a staff member of the World Bank for 18 years, between 1984 and 2006. During his long tenure at the Bank, his work covered research and policy advice to several countries in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. 
Mr. Galal has published extensively. He co-authored/co-edited 10 books on a wide range of issues, including privatization, regulation of monopolies, trade, monetary policy and fiscal policy. His better known books include: Welfare Consequences of Selling Public Enterprises, Bureaucrats in Business, and Regional Partners in Global Markets.

Ahmed Galal is an Egyptian national. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Boston University.