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Alys Willman

Former Senior Social Development Specialist, Fragility, Conflict & Violence Group

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Alys Willman, Ph.D, has dedicated her career to preventing violence by tackling its structural drivers. From 2008-16, Alys was a Senior Social Development Specialist at the World Bank. Alys was a core team member and a co-author of  Pathways for Peace (United Nations and World Bank 2018), co-author of Violence in the City (World Bank 2011), Societal Dynamics and Fragility (World Bank 2012), as well as dozens of policy and academic papers.   

After resigning from the World Bank to travel for a year with her family, she now lives in Athens, Georgia, where she consults for the World Bank, the African Development Bank, various United Nations agencies and other international development institutions, and is a Non-Resident Fellow with the School of International and Public Affairs at the University of Georgia.  She manages an urban homestead with her family, and writes poetry and music.