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Andrew Zakharenka

Natural Resources Management Specialist

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Andrew currently works in the World Bank South Asia region on management of natural resources, while supporting an effective mitigation of environmental risks of investment operations in transport, urban, and health sectors. His most recent focus has been on sustainable forest management (Bangladesh,  Ukraine, Russia) and protected area management, nature-based tourism, institutional set up of landscape approaches (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan). Building on his previous experience of cross-sectoral and multi-country partnerships, Andrew led a recent initiative in enhancing collaboration partnership with transport unit. This collective work of the two units aims at upstream management of environmental risks and maximizing socio-economic benefits of transport operations in South Asia. Andrew earned his Engineer of Forestry degree from Technological University (Minsk, Belarus), Master of Natural Resources Management from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA and a PhD candidate in Management of Forest Resources from University of Georgia, USA.