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Angela Demas

Senior Education Specialist

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Angela Demas is a Senior Education Specialist in the Education Global Engagement and Knowledge Unit at the World Bank. She is the team lead for the SABER Service Delivery application in Lao PDR and she leads School Autonomy and Accountability under the Systems Approach for Better Education Results (SABER) flagship program.  

She has extensive experience in operations and policy work globally, with several years focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), Eastern Europe and Central Asia (ECA) and the Middle East (MENA), covering a wide range of education issues including among others: skills for inclusive growth, education reform in transition economies, school quality, teacher policy and management, multi-grade education, and school-based management. She advised governments on sound education policy and interventions to improve the quality of basic and secondary education. Angela has also served as Country Representative for Guyana.