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Anja Robakowski

Analyst, Trade & Competitiveness Global Practice

Anja Robakowski joined the World Bank Group in 1997 to contribute to the Human Development Network's Education Sector Strategy Paper. Between 1999 and 2007, Anja worked on investment promotion in the technical assistance (TA) department of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency. Following the merger of MIGA's TA with the International Finance Corporation's FIAS unit in 2007, Anja was part of a small team that refined, expanded and piloted various iterations of an innovative Monitoring and Evaluation framework, some of which is still in use today under IFC's Advisory Services. Anja was also responsible for portfolio quality control, shaping project design and effecting project approval. In 2012, Anja moved to the Industry team in the Trade & Competitiveness Global Practice to continue work on portfolio oversight and quality monitoring, in addition to contributing to the development of such tools and products as Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) and Agribusiness. Since 2014, Anja has exclusively focused on PPD, including project quality monitoring, along with oversight of the creation of knowledge products and lessons learned, as well as designing and implementing PPD interventions.