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Anne-Lise Klausen

Senior Operations Officer at the World Bank’s Fragility, Conflict and Violence Group (FCV)

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Anne-Lise is leading the partnership work at the World Bank’s Fragility, Conflict and Violence Group (FCV) based in Nairobi.  The FCV Group leads the World Bank’s strategic approach to partnerships in fragile and conflict affected situations.  Anne-Lise is the focal point for cooperation with the g7+ group of fragile and conflict affected countries, the International Dialogue on Peace and Statebuilding and co-chairs the OECD/INCAAF Task Team on Implementation and Reform.  She leads engagement on the WBs support to the New Deal, handles partnership engagement with bilateral donors on peace and statebuilding issues and new global donors. She is an economic historian and political scientist from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark with specialization in institutional assessments and governance reforms in developing contexts.

Prior to working in the World Bank, she was the Managing Director and Partner in a consulting company. She has performed senior advisory roles in the design of multi stakeholder governance programmes in Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Indonesia and provided support to the Gross National Happiness commission in Bhutan; she is an experienced drafter of strategies and policies.