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Asbjorn Wee

Fragility, Conflict and Violence, World Bank Group

Asbjorn Wee is the team leader for the recovery, peacebuilding and post-conflict transition program in the Fragility, Conflict and Violence Department of the World Bank Group. He coordinates the WBG’s support to post-conflict needs assessments and support the WBG country teams with the development of reengagement strategies post-conflict and to manage risks associated with conflict and violence. Over the past year he has supported and/or led assessments in such diverse contexts as Colombia, North-East Nigeria, Northern Mali, Myanmar and Ukraine. From 2007-12 Asbjorn worked at the OECD, where he managed the International Network on Conflict and Fragility and produced guidance for donors on risk taking and how to support post-conflict transitions. From 2003-07 he worked in the WBG’s PREM Network in East Africa where he supported the WBG’s support to the peace processes in Sudan and Somalia and the re-engagement in both countries.  Asbjorn graduated from SAIS in 2003.