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Bekele Shiferaw

Executive Director of the Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP)

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Bekele Shiferaw is the Executive Director of the Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP). He is a development and resource economist with wide experience in Africa, South Asia and recently in Latin America. He received his PhD degree from the School of Economics and Business, University of Life Sciences, Norway.
He has led several major international initiatives including Policies for Sustainable Intensification; Global Futures for Agriculture; Agriculture and Climate Change; and Policies, Institutions and Markets for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development in the developing world. His research interests include economic modeling; farm-household decision making; gender and development; analysis of poverty, food and nutritional security; markets and trade; impact assessment; climate risk and vulnerability; and policies for climate adaptation, environment and sustainable development.
He has won numerous awards and grants from major donors and published over 50 papers in professional journals, books and others.